Rules for posting projects on the “Knowledgeup.online!” Communication platform

1. Before uploading your project / program to the site, the User must fill in the fields of the form for sending the material:

1.1 Field “Contractor” (name of the organization, full name of the contractor)

1.2 Field “Project name”, (restriction on entering characters 100 characters)

1.3 Field “Period of holding”, (symbolic field)

1.4 “Geography” field,

1.5 Field “Brief description”, (limitation on entering characters 1500 characters)

1.6 Field “Project results”, (limitation on entering characters 1500 characters)

1.7 Select the type of project: from a private person or from an organization.

1.8 Add photos of the project for publication on the site. The number of images is limited – 5 pcs. The image format is jpeg. (optional)

2. To upload your presentation to the “Knowledge Library” section, the user must:

2.1 Download the template for the presentation design to your computer. Download the template

2.2 Make a presentation of your project / program in the downloaded template. Presentations that are not designed according to the template for download – WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

2.3 Attach a presentation file by clicking on the “paperclip” symbol in the project upload form

3. Moderation of loaded projects / programs:

3.1 Each project / program uploaded by the user before uploading to the “Knowledge Library” section is sent for moderation:

3.2 The moderator checks each project for compliance with the following criteria:

3.2.1 Compliance with the corporate identity of the project (the presentation must be made in the project template);

3.2.2 Filling in all items of the project upload form;

3.2.3 Compliance of the project with the subject of the site;

3.2.4 Absence of inappropriate content, obscene language, advertising and spam links, etc. in the project.


The username can only contain Latin letters and numbers

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