"Problems of improving higher education"

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Yaroslavl State University

E-learning and distance learning technologies in the implementation of basic and additional educational programs.



Period of the event


Project result

The issue of personnel for the digital economy was considered:
1. what personnel are needed tomorrow: historical reconstruction of the digital future.
2. digital transformation of the economy (big data and technologies for their processing, new business models, new models of labor organization);
3. request for new trends in the transformation of the educational process;
4. digital solutions for continuous professional development.
Discussion of digital transformation of universities:
5. introduction of modern digital technologies in the educational process;
6. the formation of digital competencies of scientific and pedagogical workers and students of natural science and humanitarian areas of training;
7. interaction between the university and employers in order to ensure the quality of educational programs in the field of practical training for the digital economy.

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