"Virtual University 4.0" project


Project activities:
1. Development of educational AR / VR / MR projects:
– implementation of the structure for describing 3D content projects
– implementation of functions for adding, editing projects
– development of mechanisms for adding and binding to the project
– implementation of settings for interaction with 3D objects
– development of means of adding and setting
– implementation of functions for creating, registering AR-marks (markers) and linking them to 3D content
2. Infrastructure to support 3D education:
– centralized repository of clients, content, project descriptions, script library, library of 3D objects
– project execution server
3. 3D education client software:
– generalized interfaces for pairing with AR / VR display devices
– generalized mechanisms and tools for interacting with 3D objects
– client VR, MR, AR (navigation and control tools, authentication and personalization tools, user interaction with objects, developer mode)
Implemented together with Rubius IT company



Period of the event


Project result

“The map of the initiative environment of TSU is formed by project teams and initiative groups of the university competitiveness increase program
The map reflects:
1. Project directions for the implementation of the VIU program
2. Calendar of events of the CPD organizational training program
3. Composition of design, initiative and expert groups
4. Corporate developments to improve the competitiveness of TSU
The card allows employees to:
1. Learn about ongoing activities and resources to support innovation
2. Get involved in the activities of expert groups and commissions
3. Publish your idea in the bank of initiatives
Get acquainted with project materials
The map allows project teams to:
1. Inform university staff about the activities and results of the project
2. Find partners for project implementation
3. Maintain statistics on the participation of CPD staff in project activities

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