"Virtual simulators"

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

1. Educational resource “Virtual geological testing ground” – passage of geological routes by a virtual character in the first person to practice practical skills on models of real geological routes.
– take photographs, trace geological bodies, perform other geological observations
– take samples and take measurements with a mountain compass
– study the trophies received, record the results of measurements and other data in the field diary
– the presence of a competition mode with a virtual opponent
Used to organize the virtual stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for Young Geologists.
Awards: ITE Siberia 2018 Gold Medal, Education. Career “2017, Laureate of the Russian Geological Society
2. Educational resource “Virtual nuclear reactor” – a model of a training nuclear reactor with a simulation of the necessary production operations, control of a virtual character in the first person.
– operate devices and instruments, combine them with each other, switch the state of devices
– move inside the model of the reactor office
– interact with virtual colleagues (with artificial intelligence)
3. The educational resource “Virtual workshop for ore preparation” provides training on a virtual model of the workshop for ore preparation equipped with unique equipment. Simulates the operation and typical failures of shop equipment, methods of identifying faults and the basics of compliance with safety regulations.
4. The educational resource “Hot chamber of a nuclear reactor” allows you to perform the procedure for assembling and charging a technetium generator, to master the techniques of working in “hot chambers” – special shielded rooms. Remotely controlled manipulators are used for remote work.



Period of the event


Project result

Educational resource, allowed to carry out laboratory work with a rectification column and filter press with vertical frames.
The simulator includes two laboratory work:
1. “Research of the laboratory filter press and determination of filtration constants”,
2. “Testing of a batch distillation column”.
Before starting work, the participants underwent entrance testing on a virtual monitor. Following the instructions of the guide and the methodological manual, it was necessary to complete all the practical stages of work in order to obtain the necessary data for the calculations. The calculation results were saved in a separate picture file (values, graphs, output).

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