The system of adaptive teaching of mathematics "Plario.ru"


The system of adaptive teaching of mathematics” Plario.ru “is:
1. Full-time “leveling” courses in mathematical disciplines for high school and freshmen
2. Duration of passage up to a year
3. Individual training track for better mastering of skills
4. Relief of teachers from routine work
5. Scalability, the ability to work with a large number of students How it works:
6. Diagnostic testing (genetic algorithms of ML) – the level of proficiency
7. Adaptive algorithms based on BKT – dynamic formation of the learning path after each exercise
8. Training up to the established minimum skill threshold
(implemented jointly with the IT company ENBISYS)



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Project result

Sistema adaptivnogo obucheniya Plario sozdana kak onlayn-platforma “tsifrovogo repetitora”. Eto printsipial’no novaya sistema, oriyentirovannaya na sovremennykh studentov i obespechivayushchaya individualizatsiyu obucheniya.
Plario’s Adaptive Learning System is designed as an online “digital tutor” platform. This is a fundamentally new system aimed at modern students and providing individualized learning.

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