Study "Generation Z"

Internet Development Fund

The aim of the study was to identify the features of the use of infocommunication technologies in families with preschoolers and younger students, as well as the influence of infocommunication technologies on the development of higher mental functions of children of this age.
Methodical tasks:
Development of methodological research tools in accordance with the research objectives.
Empirical tasks:
1. Studying the features of user activity (use and activity) and the level of digital competence in children and parents.
2. Research on negative experiences in using digital devices, facing online risks in children, parental mediation strategies in situations involving digital technologies, and the image of the Internet in children and parents.
3. Research of the state of higher mental functions in preschoolers and younger students.



Period of the event


Project result

In 2019, within the framework of the project, 9 publications were prepared, of which 2 in journals indexed in the Web of Science database, 1 in a journal included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission, 4 in publications indexed in the RSCI. The publication plan has been exceeded.
The members of the research team made a total of 17 reports on the topic of the project at all-Russian and international conferences.

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