Program "Development"

Fund for Promotion of Innovation

The program is aimed at supporting developed enterprises that have a positive business reputation and experience in selling high-tech products in the market, but feel the need for additional R&D to improve efficiency by diversifying the types of products being developed, creating and developing new sales markets.
Program objectives:
1. Acceleration of the technological development of the Russian Federation,
2. An increase in the number of companies engaged in technological innovation,
3. Creation and implementation of end-to-end digital technologies based on domestic developments.



Period of the event


Project result

1. Main parameters of support provided by the Innovation Promotion Fund under the Development program:
2. Grant size – up to 20 million rubles;
3. Extra-budgetary co-financing (at the expense of own or borrowed funds) – at least 30% of the grant amount;
4. Direction of support – implementation of research and development work (salary, raw materials, materials, components, services of co-executors);
5. The term for R&D is no more than 23 months.

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