"Professional development and professional retraining programs"

Innopolis University

Training is offered for 3 categories of students:
1. Top management of the organization
2. Middle managers
3. IT specialists
Professional development programs:
– Fundamentals of Intellectual Property
– Creation and promotion of digital products
– Crash course on information security
– CDO (Chief Data Officer) – data-driven management
– Digital economy and digital technologies in public administration
– Pre-acceleration program for grant holders of the “Clever” competition
– Basics of web development using CSS, HTML, PHP and JavaScript
– Fundamentals of Industrial Java Software Development
– Software developer using Java Enterprise Edition technologies (online course and intensive training)
– Basics of programming
– Digital transformation
– Digital technologies in public administration (Ulyanovsk)
– Machine Learning
– Protection of state secrets and information in public authorities, organizations, institutions, enterprises
– Machine learning methods and their implementation
– Digital values ​​of distributed ledger technology application
– Big data for managers
– Data Driven Enterprise – Principles, Problems, Solutions
Professional retraining programs:
– Professional retraining of employees of public authorities and local governments of the Republic of Tatarstan in the direction of “Information security”



Period of the event


Project result

Seminars were held with reviews of trends, technologies, innovations, tools and prospects of IT directions, depending on the needs of the customer.

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