"Pedagogical training of teachers of engineering disciplines"

Don State Technical University

Development and implementation of a 3-level program for the education of teachers of engineering disciplines (iPET) based on digital learning technologies.


Portugal, Slovakia, Estonia, Russia

Period of the event


Project result

1. Created a 3-level iPET program for masters of engineering specialties, young researchers and teaching staff in accordance with the Bologna principles (EQF, NQF, QMS);
2. Educational and methodological complexes have been developed, including digital learning technologies, for the 3-level iPET program;
3. Criteria and indicators for assessing the quality of the 3-level iPET program were determined;
4. Experts and administrative staff trained in innovative educational technologies of the 3-level iPET program;
5. Documentation has been prepared for accreditation / recognition of the 3-level iPET program by leading international accreditation agencies (eg IGIP);
6. The results of the project were popularized in the scientific and educational community with the aim of promoting the implementation and international recognition of the 3-level iPET program.

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