Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Additional Professional Education "Agency of Network Innovations"

The main goals and objectives of the Contest are:
1. popularization of project activities and increasing the interest of children and youth in the problems and prospects of the socio-economic development of the regions in which they live.
2. identification and development of students’ creative abilities and interest in scientific and technical, research and design activities, systems engineering, technology.
3. increasing motivation to study natural science and exact disciplines.
4. formation of key competencies, professionally significant personality traits and motivation for the practical application of subject knowledge.
5. creating the necessary conditions to support gifted students.
6. scientific education and targeted vocational guidance of students.
7. promotion of scientific knowledge.
8. Intensive systemic support and development of the participant’s project under the accelerator program.
9. the formation of the composition of students and the bank of a portfolio of talented youth, the most capable and prepared for the development of programs of higher professional education for technical universities.
10. search for new ideas, fixation of new trends in the development of intellectual, technical creativity and invention.
11. formation of early career guidance and training of students in general education and vocational training systems according to the standards and competencies of JuniorSkills and WorldSkills.
12. search for teams and promising solutions for the market needs of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).
13. involving young people in innovative activities carried out on the basis of the Centers for Youth Innovative Creativity (YCIT).
14. Identification of potential participants in the programs “UMNIK” and “Start” of the Innovation Promotion Fund.



Period of the event


Project result

The winners of the NTSI-SkART will be able to receive additional points in specialized subjects when passing the Unified State Exam and preferential admission to the partner universities of the project.

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