"Legal regulation of the digital economy"

South Ural State University

The purpose of mastering the discipline” Legal regulation of the digital economy “is an in-depth study of the legal regulation of the introduction of digital technologies into the economic turnover. Objectives of the discipline:
1. theoretical mastering by students of modern concepts and models of the development of legislation on the regulation of “digital” “economic relations.
2.acquisition of practical skills of generalization and comparative analysis of foreign experience of state participation in the legal regulation of economic activity in the context of digitalization.
3. Understanding the macroeconomic problems of Russia, identifying trends in the lawmaking process in the field of “digital” “economy.



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The discipline “Legal regulation of the digital economy” combines cross-sectoral knowledge about the extent to which the introduction of digital technologies affects the change in the legal regulation of economic relations, and is also aimed at identifying problems arising in connection with the digitalization of economic processes: identification of persons in civil turnover; property relations in the field of digital economic turnover; registration of rights to property and transactions with it; regulation of banking processes; the formation of special legal models for the protection of relations based on the use of digital technologies, including issues of cyber and information security. Within the discipline, the following main sections are studied:
1. The subject and principles of legal regulation of the digital economy, and the limits of the exercise of the rights of entrepreneurs;
2.Legal regulation of certain types of entrepreneurial activity in the field of digital technologies
3. Problems of antimonopoly regulation of a market economy
4. Digital infrastructure and law

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