"Human сapital management in the Digital Economy"

South Ural State University

The purpose of studying the discipline is to form a systematic understanding of the organization’s human capital and the features of its management in the context of the transition to the digital economy among students. Tasks:
1. in-depth understanding by students of the operation of the laws and principles of human capital management and their relationship with the activities of the organization. 2. development of a systematic approach to professional work with personnel
3. orientation of students in the importance of a strategic approach to human resource management.
4. development of a diagnostic system for assessing human capital and determining the directions of its development.



Period of the event


Project result

We studied such topics as:
1.the role of human capital in the process of transformation to the digital economy,
2. basic theories of human capital,
3. development of the human capital of the organization,
4.diagnostics of the state of the organization’s human capital,
5. strategic management of human capital.

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