"Higher Engineering School"

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

The programs are based on the real tasks of industrial partners (Siemens, SAP, Autodesk, etc.). The knowledge gained is immediately implemented in specific cases. The basis of training is micromodularity, the duration of each is no more than five weeks. Directions of the magistracy:
– software engineering
– system analysis and management
– Information Security
– informatics and computer technology
Additional professional education programs:
1. Digital optimization of the main processes;
2. Basic technologies of digital engineer activity;
3. Architecture and data module of the company as the basis of digital interaction
4. Data quality assurance and control system (data trust);
5. Digital analytics and decision-making assistance system;
6. Digital project management based on data (product creation processes). Modern means of organizing project activities.



Period of the event


Project result

1. Young specialists with such a level of training are in demand now, and will be needed in the future, and not only in the nuclear industry, but also outside it.
2. Undergraduates of the All-Russian Institute of Engineering Physics and Technology receive not only an academic, but also an additional corporate scholarship of up to 25,000 rubles. (and not only!)
3. Master’s degree students at the All-Russian Institute of Engineering Physics (MEPhI) have a great advantage – from the first semester they apply for work at JSC ASE EC – and this is the leader of the world nuclear engineering business. Representative offices, branches and operational offices of the company operate in 15 countries. Almost 80% of the order portfolio falls on projects abroad.
4. Both budget and paid enrollment is carried out for the magistracy of the Higher Engineering School of NRNU MEPhI,
5. In the course of the training, the participants mastered the skills of working with advanced software from the world’s leading developers. You will learn what a smart city, a digital twin and a digital map of an object are, how the Internet of Things, industrial blockchain, virtual and augmented, are applied in practice, and you will be able to manage innovative projects and entire enterprises!
6. Education in the magistracy is based on the principles of micromodularity – digital twins of devices and installations, the life cycle of complex engineering objects, smart city, security, etc. There is a possibility of listening to the choice of individual modules >>.
7. Contests, hackathons and other events were regularly held to increase activity and understanding of current trends in such modern areas as data engineering, AI, IoT, IIoT VR, AR, industrial blockchain.

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