"Educational courses for teachers of Russian schools abroad"

Interregional public organization "Society of Friendship with Cuba"

Development of innovative training programs for teachers and employees of Russian schools:
1. Design of infographics and data visualization – 16 ac. h.
2. Data journalism – 16 academicians. h.
3. Programming entry level – 16 ac. h.
4. Information security – 16 academicians. h.


Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba

Period of the event


Project result

After completing the full-time part, schoolchildren and teachers could register with the UEC crowdsourcing platform and choose one or several directions for increasing the level of digital literacy. Courses for schoolchildren included such areas as:
1.data journalism,
2. information security;
3. design of infographics and data visualization,
4. entry-level programming.

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