"Educational consulting in IT areas"

Innopolis University

Seven years of successful experience in identifying and developing children’s giftedness in IT areas in the Republic of Tatarstan allows Innopolis University to provide consulting services in IT areas:
1.training university teachers
2. development of educational programs for undergraduate and graduate programs
3.development of educational and methodological complexes for general and additional school education
4.development of state standards in the field of educational robotics
5.development of a complex of competitions in robotics for schoolchildren and students to identify gifted and motivated children and their further development
6.Advanced training courses and professional retraining programs in the field of robotics



Period of the event


Project result

Students of educational consulting in IT areas of the Republic of Tatarstan won 20 medals of various levels, including 7 gold, 4 silver and 9 bronze medals at 4 major international Olympiads and tournaments in Olympiad programming.

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