"Distant preparatory department for it-specialties"

ANO DPO UC "Education and Career"

Creation of a distance preparatory faculty to familiarize schoolchildren with the demanded professions of IT specialties and to obtain in-depth knowledge in the field of front-end and back-end, together with the leading technical universities of the Russian Federation.


Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, Czech Republic

Period of the event


Project result

The following courses have been created within the framework of the project:
Introduction to the IT specialty (20 academic hours of lectures + 20 academic hours of webinars). In a short time information technologies have penetrated practically all spheres of our life and it is almost impossible to imagine the life of a modern civilized person without them. Within the framework of this course, it is supposed to consider the basics of information technologies and the main directions of their development, as well as receive information about what technologies and specialties are found together and what comes of it.
Web Development. Introduction to FrontEnd development (20 academic hours of lectures + 20 academic hours of webinars). FrontEnd development is a discipline that combines creativity and deep hands-on training in web programming. With the help of markup languages ​​and cascading style sheets, you can create the design of web applications, site interfaces and present information in an attractive form for users. And learning scripting programming languages ​​will help add functionality and interactivity to websites.
Web Development. Introduction to BackEnd development (20 academic hours of lectures + 20 academic hours of webinars). BackEnd development is the process of programming a website and filling it with functionality. Creation:
1.the core of the site,
2. development of the site platform,
3. filling it with basic functionality and creating an administrative zone,
4. Database management and website security are all responsibilities of a highly professional web developer.

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