"Digital Summer"


The program of the project is focused on three basic directions.
The first is the “Digital Security Territory”, where conditions will be created for children of 7-10 years old for the development of mathematical education in a digital society. Dates: July 8-21
The second is “Digital Russia and the professions of the future”, which includes the organization of in-depth study of computer science in digital education for talented schoolchildren of 11-13 years old. Dates: July 8-21
The third is “Sciencemix (mathematics, computer science, physics)”, which defines the way to a new level of integration of mathematics, computer science and physics, students aged 14-18. Dates: August 12-25



Period of the event


Project result

1. Mathematical competencies have been formed among talented students in order to increase their competitiveness in the digital economy;
2. transfer of IT tools to the solution of various applied problems;
3. increasing the digital literacy of schoolchildren;
4. creating an educational foundation in the world of the professions of the future in a modern digital society and economy.

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