"Digital literacy in the distance learning system"

"Open Russian School"

Distance e-learning will provide an opportunity to train up to 2500 people in the mode of free access to educational resources; development of digital literacy of foreign schoolchildren in the system of distance e-learning for children from families living in foreign countries and students of Russian schools abroad on the basis of a network of pivotal schools of the system in Moscow and in four regions of the Russian Federation, organization of electronic distance learning according to programs of complete secondary education in the Russian Federation 100 students.


Italy, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Turkey, Russia

Period of the event


Project result

Distance learning was conducted. For the School, participation in the project is an opportunity:
1. to introduce modern distance learning systems and create an opportunity for up to 2,500 students of Russian schools to study abroad;
2. update equipment and create an electronic library;
3. modernize the hardware and software complex;
4. conduct training for schoolchildren and teachers;
5. to scale the created model to the regions of Russia.

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