"Development of digital literacy in general education"


For students, the digital educational environment Exterium is offered, which, in addition to tools for organizing the educational process and interactive educational content, is based on a child development system based on the technology of measuring and accounting for competencies. The central element of the system is the personal and professional profile. By aggregating and analyzing the child’s actions, the interest shown in the content, the educational courses passed and achievements, the system allows you to design the further trajectory of the child’s successful development. On the platform, schoolchildren of 11-18 years old will take a distance course on the basics of project work “Forming a project idea”, design and printing”.


Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam

Period of the event


Project result

Students had the opportunity to take training courses on the digital educational platform aimed at developing conscious digital behavior, developing digital literacy skills and developing their own digital products;
teaching teams will take part in the professional development program “Digital transformation of the school:
2. network projects,
3. new competencies “.
Administrators of educational institutions received advice on the creation of management projects for the digital transformation of the institution, taking into account the resources of network interaction at the regional, national and international levels.

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