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The competition is aimed at supporting small businesses performing R&D as part of the implementation of innovative projects for the development and development of new types of high-tech products in order to ensure the accelerated introduction of digital technologies in the economy and social sphere. Competition Regulations. The selection of projects is carried out in the areas of end-to-end digital technologies:
1. artificial intelligence;
2. technologies of virtual and augmented reality;
3. new production technologies;
4. Internet of Things;
5. robotics and sensorics;
6. 5G communication technology;
7. satellite communications;
8. distributed ledger systems;
9. quantum computing;
10. quantum communications;
11. quantum sensorics and metrology.



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The program is being implemented in order to accelerate the technological development of the Russian Federation, increase the number of organizations implementing technological innovations, create end-to-end digital technologies based on domestic developments, and introduce digital technologies and platform solutions.

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