"Center for training leaders of digital transformation"

The Presidential Academy

The center for training leaders of digital transformation was formed on the basis of the Higher School of Public Administration of the RANEPA.
In addition to training civil servants, the Center is also engaged in analytical work – it conducts research and develops methodological and informational materials on:
1.digital transformation of public administration,
2.digital platforms and ecosystems,
3. change management,
4. design thinking,
5. implementation of transformational projects, – ethics of decision-making, and other topics.



Period of the event


Project result

At the end of the training results:
1. Understood the goals and objectives of digital transformation and the role of CDTO;
2. Learned about the possibilities and features of digital technologies and digital platforms;
3. Developed a digital project in groups ;
4. Received expert assessment and support in refinement the project after training.

More information about the project can be found here:


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